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Exercise 3-4.5
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Review the section about avoiding clichés on Page 51 of your text. Then read the following and revise to eliminate any overused expressions you find.


The protest, reportedly organized by pacifists from out of town, began with a rally at the courthouse steps, where speakers of all spots and stripes lambasted the U.S. government for its role in the Iraq War.

By 8 p.m. the crowd of 200 or so had warmed to a boil and began to show its true colors.

Cool as cucumbers, police waited calmly at the corner of 6th and Broadway, where the two forces eventually met.

When one group of demonstrators tried to topple a police car, they discovered they had been playing with a powder keg.

The officers, who were armed to the teeth, swung into high gear and responded with truncheons and tear gas.

Needless to say, the protesters beat a hasty retreat, took to their heels and dispersed, mostly just in the nick of time, with police in hot pursuit.

"I've never seen so many people run so fast in so many directions," said Lt. Miguel Cruz, who didn't seem worse for the wear for his part in the incident.

City officials say they will leave no stone unturned in exploring ways to make the demonstrators foot the bill for the police response.

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