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Exercise 3-6.1
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For each of the following, indicate the best answer.


Choose "a," "b," or "c" below.
A)The jet landed at Thursday at 6 p.m. at Los Angeles International Airport.
B)The jet landed at 6 p.m. Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport.
C)The jet landed at Los Angeles International Airport at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Assuming the visit mentioned below will start in 10 days, which is correct?
A)The prime minister will visit next Monday.
B)The prime minister will visit next Monday, Oct. 4.
C)The prime minister will visit Monday.
D)The prime minister will visit Monday, Oct. 4.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)A journalist should consult the AP Stylebook before consulting a dictionary.
B)A journalist should consult a dictionary before consulting the AP Stylebook.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)Any dictionary will do.
B)The latest edition of Webster's New World College Dictionary is preferred.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)McBride usually says he prefers a pistol.
B)McBride usually says that he prefers a pistol.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)"I have survived," Wainright concluded.
B)"I have survived," Wainright said.

Assuming the game happened three days ago, which is correct?
A)The Yankees lost again last Tuesday.
B)The Yankees lost again last Tuesday, June 11.
C)The Yankees lost again Tuesday.
D)The Yankees lost again Tuesday, June 11.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)On second and subsequent references, use a person's last name only.
B)On second and subsequent references, use a person's first and last name.

Choose "a" or "b" below.
A)Emmett Brand, assistant secretary of economic affairs, spoke to reporters.
B)Assistant Secretary of Economic Affairs Emmett Brand spoke to reporters.

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