Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Video Quiz - Cloned Milk

Objective: Detail current research findings on the safety of foods derived from cloned animals.

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Identify the key concern held regarding cloned animals and the products that come from them.
A)Whether it is ethical to produce organisms in this manner
B)Cloned livestock would create a greater demand for food to feed them.
C)Safety in consumption of these products
D)Increased issue about the waste accumulation from cloned livestock.

What foods were examined in this particular study?
A)chicken and eggs
B)beef and cow milk
C)pork and beans
D)goats and goat milk

Which of the following aspects to the meat was not examined?
A)fat content
B)amino acid content
C)cellulose fiber
D)cell structure

How did the milk from cloned cows compare to those who were produced from natural reproduction?
A)Protein content to the milk was the same.
B)Lactose levels were higher in the cloned cows.
C)Fat content in the naturally reproduced cows was much lower.
D)Antibody levels in the cloned cows were significantly higher.

Which statement(s) reflects the findings of value in using cloned animals?
A)Higher level production of cloned animal food products can be obtained.
B)There will be less need for farms in the future.
C)The technique lends itself to greater agriculture efficiency.
D)Two of the above statements are true.
E)All of the above statements are true.
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