Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Video Quiz - DNA Printer

Objective: Detail the value and process of producing multiple copies of template DNA onto the surfaces of different mediums.

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What is the tool that allows researchers the chance to run multiple DNA experiments on a single slide?
A)Recombinant DNA technique
B)Gel Electrophoresis
D)Plasmid Insertions

What prevents them from being extensively used in medical diagnostics?
A)Lack of available template DNA to work with
B)It is still costly and complicated to do.
C)Lack of training on how to perform the DNA transfer.
D)Too early in the research to have any recognition in the medical community.

How does the DNA from a known single stranded sequence hybridize with another single strand of DNA?
A)Base pair sequence recognition and bonding occurs between the two strands.
B)DNA molecules are broken up into nucleotides, and reassemble.
C)The researcher makes a photocopy of the original.
D)The DNA strands are attracted by opposite charge.

What causes the DNA to adhere to the two surface materials involved in the copying?
A)An organic based glue.
B)Attraction to opposite charges on the surface of the material in use.
C)Sticky ends of exposed DNA bases are attracted to the surfaces
D)Hydrophobic interactions

Which of the following are associated with the value in this study of DNA microarray production.
A)Diagnosis of genetic diseases
B)Targets for new drugs
C)Early detection of cancer
D)Two of the above
E)All of the above
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