Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Video Quiz - Safer Fetal Test

Objective: Explain how a new sensory device could find application in pre-natal testing and diagnosis.

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What organization is currently involved in work that might assist in pre-natal testing?
A)National Aeronautics and Space Administration
B)American Medical Association
C)Center for Disease Control
D)Food and Drug Administration

To this point, what are the pre-natal tests more commonly used for diagnosis of diseases?
A)Amniocenteses (needle into amniotic fluid)
B)Chorionic villi sampling (cells from the placenta)
D)two of the above
E)all of the above

What is the primary focus that the “chip” would have for astronauts?
A)measuring radiation exposure
B)helping to reduce zero gravity sickness
C)navigation back into the Earth’s atmosphere
D)Monitoring blood pressure at all times during space travel

How would these chips be able to measure the fetus’s conditions?
A)The chip could be implanted in the mothers uterus after pregnancy.
B)The chip could be attached to an embryo that is implanted.
C)Fetal cells circulating in mothers blood could be identified and analyzed.
D)The chip could be made into a urinalysis strip that could be tested.

Which of the following would not likely be a use in this chip for pre-natal testing?
A)Genetic Diseases that run in families
B)Chromosomal Abnormalities
D)2 of these
E)All of these
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