Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Video Quiz - Genetic Food Safety

Objective: Address how genetically modified foods have to be monitored for underlying food safety issues.

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What is the best description of genetically modified foods?
A)Foods that have had their DNA removed from their cells.
B)Foods that have been irradiated causing mutations.
C)Foods that have had genes from other species placed into them.
D)Foods that have been exposed to carcinogens.

Why were Brazil nut genes placed into the soybeans?
A)To enhance their flavor
B)To increase their protein content
C)To help the soybeans be more tolerant to high temperatures
D)To enable the soybeans to require less water for growth.

What was the potential danger in the genetically modified soybeans?
A)Allergy to Brazil nuts was potentially acquirable through the soybeans
B)The soybeans did not grow as rapidly
C)Many of the soybeans did not germinate.
D)Their was low yield of protein from the soybeans.

What did the National Academy of Science conclude to be the greatest gaps in the study of genetically modified foods?
A)Their have been no genetically modified foods successfully grown yet.
B)The genetically modified foods take much longer to study.
C)Genetically modified foods have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
D)We still don’t know enough about the normal composition of traditional foods to keep their potential risks in consideration.

The best venue to document research data on the composition of traditional foods is to:
A)Place the data into publicly accessible data bases
B)Publish the findings in an annual report
C)Fund independent research to make these determinations for themselves.
D)Create a 5 year study and publish the results.
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