Biology, Eighth Edition (Raven)

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Video Quiz - Potato Vaccine

Objective: Identify how potatoes may be used as a medium to introduce vaccines for various diseases into human beings.

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What current disease is being considered for study in creating a vaccine for it that is delivered by way of consuming potatoes?
C)Hepatatis B

What would not be a benefit(s) of using a potato for delivering vaccine?
A)Greater compliance by individuals to take such an easily administered vaccine.
B)The vaccine has been proven to be much more effective if orally ingested.
C)Increased ability to reach a bigger segment of the population particularly in developing countries.
D)No need to keep the vaccine refrigerated.

The next phase of the study is to:
A)Try the vaccine in a group of individuals who have not been previously vaccinated.
B)Begin a nationwide vaccination program in three types of commonly consumed potatoes.
C)Do a trial study in 3 developing countries.
D)Convince the Center for Disease Control that this research warrants funding.

Besides Hepatatis B, what are other disease(s) that have potential vaccines to be made via plant production?
B)Norwalk infection
D)Two of these are being examined
E)None of these are being examined

Why is the potato being used as the food of study?
A)Can be prepared in many different forms to make more enticing to humans.
B)Easy to manipulate in a laboratory setting
C)Readily consumer by mice in the initial study
D)Two of that above
E)All of the above
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